Now, which way do I turn again...? (king_of_food) wrote in rp_forwhales,
Now, which way do I turn again...?


He couldn't believe it. Somehow, Yoshinori had managed to get himself lost, even though he'd just been by the restaraunt not even three days before. Great. And to make matters worse, he had only a few minutes to get there before the hour was up.

Well, he supposed he could always call Nao and tell him, but... how embarrassing would that be? It wasn't like he wouldn't find his way eventually; he always did. It was just how long it would take that was the problem.

He grinned sheepishly, pausing at a kiosk to ask the boy behind the counter if he could point him in the right direction. The kid scratched his head absently, before shrugging and jabbing his finger in the direction Yoshinori had been heading. "Keep going straight, mister, and you'll run straight into it. Can't miss it."

Yoshinori bowed his thanks, striding away. He pulled his phone from his jacket pocket, and called Nao. Hopefully the man wouldn't be too upset if he was a little late.
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