Now, which way do I turn again...? (king_of_food) wrote in rp_forwhales,
Now, which way do I turn again...?

Yoshinori hummed as he pushed open the door to Starbucks, smiling a little as a cheerful bell rang out. It was so odd to find a coffee shop small enough for a bell, but here it was. He looked around, taking in the multicolored heads all bent over their drinks, nobody talking or laughing. How unfriendly! Maybe everyone had just had a bad day.

Yoshinori shifted his guitar case to his other shoulder, turning to the side to avoid hitting a man with it. He really should have dropped it off at home before coming here, but... It was silly, really, but he was hoping to see that man again. Even though it had only been the once, and the odds of them being at the cafe at the same time were just... He didn't think about it. Yoshinori was stubborn like that, and if he had to come here everyday to find that man again, he would.

He weaved between tables until he reached the counter, and smiled cheerfully. "Sugimoto! And I'll have..." He took a few seconds to investigate the menu on the granite, before looking back up at the woman. "I'll have a tall Caffè Vanilla Frappuccino." The woman nodded and absently told him to wait, and he walked over to the couch on the side wall and sat down, leaning his guitar between his feet. Hopefully it wouldn't take too long...
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