I'll take a frappuccino. (´┏_┓`) (naobawks) wrote in rp_forwhales,
I'll take a frappuccino. (´┏_┓`)

"Ring, damn you!"

It hadn't even been a full day, yet. But time passes slowly when you're waiting for a phone call from a cute guy.

Nao had been sitting on the bed, staring at his keitai for about an hour, now, waiting for that ojisan from Starbucks to call. Frustrated that he was still waiting, Nao went over the unofficial Rules of Dating in his head. How long, exactly, was a man supposed to wait before calling in order to not seem desperate? Two days? Three? Whoever popularized that rule was about to get a kick in the face.

Maybe he should do something productive.

Maybe he should write a song.

Maybe he should call Shou and play Monster Hunter. But no! That would tie up his line, and what if that Yoshinori guy called while he was on the phone with Shou?! Monster Hunter was out, then.

Still eyeing his keitai, he went to his desk and turned on the PC, watching the silent cell phone from his swiveling desk chair as the PC booted up. That ojisan had said something about having a few releases out, hadn't he? Maybe there was some information about him on the Internet...
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